Camping by Kira Design Limited

Kira Design Limited Illustrates The Aura Dome Camping

Kira Design Limited, the architect of the displayed design Camping:Aura Dome by Kira Design Limited explicates, Aura Dome is designed base on the igloo aesthetics outline, also with the hidden conception behind this project. The design team have ment <Cropped>

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Flat Woven Airline Carpeting by Inhouse Design Team Anker

Inhouse Design Team Anker Shares The Flooro Flat Woven Airline Carpeting

inhouse design team ANKER, the project leader of the highlighted project flat woven airline carpeting by inhouse design team ANKER points out, The innovative carpet for the aviation industry looks more like a flooring material and weighs considerably <Cropped>

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Telephone by Valentino Chow

Valentino Chow Discloses The Boomerang Telephone

Valentino Chow, the author of the award winning project Valentino Chow's Boomerang Telephone explains, The iDECT Boomerang is a cordless DECT home phone designed to merge functionality with style and elegance. Inspired by the simple form of the <Cropped>

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Food Service Design

Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to Design a New Functional Furnishing System For The Food Service, Dedicated to The Display and Distribution of Food Products For The Horeca Sectornew Product Design Contest On Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to D

Enofrigo and desall invite you to design a new functional furnishing system for the food service, dedicated to the display and distribution of food products for the horeca sectorNew product design contest on enofrigo and desall invite you <Cropped>

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Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia-Redfish Adv

Giovanni Murgia-Redfish Adv Creates The Kannunaum Wine Labels

Giovanni Murgia - Redfish Adv, the lead designer of the displayed project KannuNaUm - Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia - Redfish Adv spells out, The design of the KannuNaUm wine labels is characterized by its refined and minimal style, obtained by sear <Cropped>

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Restaurant and Bar by Behzad Kharas

Behzad Kharas Shows The Luna Nudo Gusta Restaurant and Bar

Behzad Kharas, the architect of the highlighted design Restaurant and Bar by Behzad Kharas demonstrates, A luxurious lounge bar and restaurant creates a sense of awe through a glamorous and sense of style in an already beautiful volume of space. As t <Cropped>

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Animation Video by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Panda Animation Video

The thinktank behind the award winning design Panda - Animation Video by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Nischay Parekh, along with Jivraj Singh, explores sonical soundscapes often not familiar with singer-songwriters, if you must categorise him, but <Cropped>

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Bean Buro 's Leo Burnett Hong Kong Workplace Design

Bean Buro Discloses The Leo Burnett Hong Kong Workplace Design

Bean Buro , the designer of the award winning project Leo Burnett Hong Kong by Bean Buro points out, The innovative workplace design in Hong Kong features a sculptural meeting room that is inspired by local boat construction techniques built by ti <Cropped>

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Pole Saw-Protecting Falling Dust by Unnc M3 Dept and Xc-Tools

Unnc M3 Dept and Xc-Tools Shows The Pole Saw Protecting Falling Dust

UNNC M3 Dept and XC-Tools, the author of the award winning design Protecting Falling Dust:Pole Saw by UNNC M3 Dept and XC-Tools points out, Garden tools are now widely used and come in a different category. Pole saws are used to cut tall branches, so <Cropped>

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Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020

Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020! Total Prize Is Up to Rmb 90, 000 Yuan!

Jiaxing bus shelter international design competition 2020! total prize is up to rmb 90,000 yuan!.

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