Yacht Interior by David Chang

David Chang Shares The Red Star Yacht Interior

David Chang, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Red Star Yacht Interior illustrates, As a luxury yacht project, the flowing feeling of stone pattern and ocean complement each other. The design of space modelling highlights the smo <Cropped>

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Hot Drink Service With Fresh Plants:herbal Tea Garden by Patrick Sarran

Patrick Sarran Presents The Herbal Tea Garden Hot Drink Service With Fresh Plants

Patrick Sarran, the creator of the award winning work Hot drink service with fresh plants:Herbal Tea Garden by Patrick Sarran points out, Patrick Sarran created the Herbal Tea Garden as a unique item for the Landmark Mandarin Oriental of Hong Kong in <Cropped>

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Hospitality by Karr Yip and Wilson Lee

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee Demonstrates The Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee, the author of the displayed project Hospitality by Karr Yip and Wilson Lee explains, Mount Davis Youth Hostel – Living with Our Military History The hostel is sitting at the middle of a unique cultural landscape surrounded <Cropped>

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Bench by Milica Maric

Milica Maric Spotlights The Puff Bench

Milica Maric, the designer of the highlighted work Puff - Bench by Milica Maric illustrates, Puff bench is made of oak. Seen from above, it consists of two rounds of the same or different colors that connect the wooden part. Oak is finely laminate <Cropped>

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2019taipei International Design Award(tida)

Taipei City Government Has Been Devoted to Shaping Taipei Into a City With Design Visions and Has Been Encouraging Designers to Contemplate On The Meaning of Design, to See Design as a Problem-solving Tool, That Is, to Solve Problems Inevitably Faced by T

Taipei city government has been devoted to shaping taipei into a city with design visions and has been encouraging designers to contemplate on the meaning of design, to see design as a problem-solving tool, that is, to solve problems inevitably faced <Cropped>

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End Table by Joshua Ribbeck

Joshua Ribbeck Reveals The Stark End Table End Table

Joshua Ribbeck, the project leader of the awarded project Joshua Ribbeck's Stark End Table End Table explains, The Stark End Table is a modern table designed and built by Josh Ribbeck of Stark Form. The table is crafted from solid black walnut w <Cropped>

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Fold For Fun by Michael Liu

Michael Liu Reveals The Fold For Fun Office

Michael Liu, the thinktank behind the award winning project Michael Liu's Fold for fun Office points out, This office flat, with an area of 1,200 sq. ft., can be divided into three major areas: working zone, meeting room and multi-functional res <Cropped>

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Learn Cycling by Corentin Bricout and Abhishek Yenji

Corentin Bricout and Abhishek Yenji Illustrates The Ako Balance Bike Learn Cycling

Corentin Bricout and Abhishek Yenji, the designer of the displayed design AKO Balance Bike - Learn Cycling by Corentin Bricout and Abhishek Yenji says, Cycling is a big step is a kid's life, creating memories of a special moment spent together w <Cropped>

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Houzz Office in Tlv by Nurit Geffen

Nurit Geffen Reveals The Houzz Office in Tlv Office Design

Nurit Geffen, the designer of the awarded project Award Winning Houzz office in TLV office design illustrates, The new offices of Houzz, one of the world's largest online design platforms, have recently opened in Tel Aviv. The international comp <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Cloche Chair

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Cloche Chair

The designer of the awarded project Chair by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, the plastic safety barrel chairs turn from symbols of caution into abjects of comfort; the Cloche Chair is part of an ongoing project - The Street Is In The House, an art p <Cropped>

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