Table by Viktor Kovtun

Viktor Kovtun Exhibits The Maidan Table Table

Viktor Kovtun, the creative mind behind the award winning design maidan table - table by Viktor Kovtun explains, The idea of Maidan Table is to unite the industriality of production and possibility of color combinations. The centre of the table is cu <Cropped>

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Cradle:jolle by Lisa Vesely and Christian Leidinger

Lisa Vesely and Christian Leidinger Creates The Jolle Cradle

Lisa Vesely and Christian Leidinger, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Jolle Cradle points out, Jolle is a cradle inspired by Scandinavian design. The remarkable curved skids bring a slight elegant touch with it. Straight clear <Cropped>

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Sisidyll-Skin Care by Angela Spindler

Angela Spindler Demonstrates The Sisidyll Skin Care

Angela Spindler, the author of the displayed design Skin Care:Sisidyll by Angela Spindler spells out, The team saw an opportunity to elevate the brand from basic to life-style, focusing on its high-quality core ingredient Australian blueberries. Givi <Cropped>

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Postpartum Center:rock Hidden-Build Core by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Rock Hidden-Build Core Postpartum Center

The author of the awarded design Acclaimed Designer's Rock Hidden - Build Core Postpartum Center explains, The design concept is arrival of a pelican as the core of the chamber for neonatal medical services via the multilayered natural shade to <Cropped>

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Watch by Shabnam Yazdanpanah

Shabnam Yazdanpanah Presents The Rotron Watch

Shabnam Yazdanpanah, the designer of the award winning design Shabnam Yazdanpanah's Rotron Watch illustrates, It is inspired by Tron(legacy), a science fiction movie. Overall, the goal is designing a science fiction and futuristic watch by usein <Cropped>

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Earthquick Educative Game App by Tuo Zhang-Limvi Studio

Tuo Zhang-Limvi Studio Shares The Earthquick Educative Game App Educative Game App For Children

Tuo Zhang - Limvi Studio, the maker of the displayed project Educative Game App for Children by Tuo Zhang - Limvi Studio explicates, EARTHQUICK is the proposed interactive mobile application to teach children how to prepare for the coming of an earth <Cropped>

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Logical Side Table-Side Table by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Logical Side Table Side Table

The lead designer of the displayed design Logical side table - Side table by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, The project was made with wood from sustainably use called Cypress, the docking system respects formal rigor in design, the seat was made of <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bio-Inspired Fabric Textile

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Bio-Inspired Fabric Textile

The author of the displayed work Textile by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Uniqueness :The textile can coil and uncoil upon human touch, can absorb carbon form from atmosphere based on the features of leaves and artificial photosynthesis and chances <Cropped>

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Plusdesign's Residences De Rougemont Holiday Homes

Plusdesign Demonstrates The Residences De Rougemont Holiday Homes

Plusdesign, the thinktank behind the award winning design Award Winning Residences de Rougemont Holiday homes says, Set in the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad, the Residences de Rougemont are the residential annexes of the newly renovated Hotel de Rougem <Cropped>

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Ruler:crab by Wuyao Wuqun Wulianfan and Sunlun

Wuyao Wuqun Wulianfan and Sunlun Spotlights The Crab Ruler

WuYao WuQun WuLianfan and SunLun, the designer of the award winning design ruler by WuYao WuQun WuLianfan and SunLun explains, The most important thing for industrial design is to solve the problem, and every one of the problems is when the new desig <Cropped>

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