Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster:icon Breakfast Set by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Icon Breakfast Set Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster

The creative mind behind the awarded project Award Winning ICON breakfast set kettle, coffee and tea machine, toaster explicates, The ICON breakfast set, including filter coffee machine, kettle, long slot toaster and tea maker brings a combination of <Cropped>

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Award Winning Curiosity Essence Perfume

Gwenael Nicolas Spotlights The Curiosity Essence Perfume

Gwenael Nicolas, the designer of the displayed design Curiosity Essence by Gwenael Nicolas illustrates, This perfume was created as Curiosity's orginal perfume collaborating with Japanese renowned glass maker, SUGAHARA for the hand-blown bottle <Cropped>

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It Is a Sales Center:hefei Vanke Sales Center by Raynon Chiu

Raynon Chiu Discloses The Hefei Vanke Sales Center It Is a Sales Center

Raynon Chiu, the architect of the displayed work It is a sales center:Hefei Vanke Sales Center by Raynon Chiu demonstrates, Hefei Vanke Sales Center Vanke Sales Center is located in Binhu New Area, Hefei City, close to Luzhou Avenue and Nanjing Roa <Cropped>

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Spring World Campus Masters [2015-2019] Selective Graduation Design Program 2020

Show Your Graduation Design

Show your graduation design.

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Award Winning Myth Graphic Design

Tomokazu Furudate Presents The Myth Graphic Design

Tomokazu Furudate, the creator of the displayed design Graphic design:Myth by Tomokazu Furudate explains, I created a design using a free tool called GIMP that can be used by anyone in the world, and took full advantage of its features. The idea is t <Cropped>

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Benson Wu's Residence of Hung Residential House

Benson Wu Exhibits The Residence of Hung Residential House

Benson Wu, the creative mind behind the displayed project Residential House:Residence of Hung by Benson Wu explains, The residence is the internal looks of the urban space. The highly-dense urban development of Taiwan has sparked the diverse imaginat <Cropped>

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Poster by Yasuhito Takeuchi

Yasuhito Takeuchi Designs The Sharaku 2 Poster

Yasuhito Takeuchi, the creative mind behind the award winning work Poster:Sharaku 2 by Yasuhito Takeuchi illustrates, Work exhibited at the Tokyo Design Week (not a competition) specialty category "Inspire Exhibition". The category that the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Avante Sofa

Valeriano Villegas Goyos Reveals The Avante Sofa

Valeriano Villegas Goyos, the architect of the award winning design Sofa by Valeriano Villegas Goyos says, Inspired in the character and style of the twentieth Century molded plywood furniture pieces, Avante is a three-seater sofa designed with sym <Cropped>

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Camping by Kira Design Limited

Kira Design Limited Illustrates The Aura Dome Camping

Kira Design Limited, the architect of the displayed design Camping:Aura Dome by Kira Design Limited explicates, Aura Dome is designed base on the igloo aesthetics outline, also with the hidden conception behind this project. The design team have ment <Cropped>

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Flat Woven Airline Carpeting by Inhouse Design Team Anker

Inhouse Design Team Anker Shares The Flooro Flat Woven Airline Carpeting

inhouse design team ANKER, the project leader of the highlighted project flat woven airline carpeting by inhouse design team ANKER points out, The innovative carpet for the aviation industry looks more like a flooring material and weighs considerably <Cropped>

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