Regeneration by Steph Lee

Steph Lee Discloses The Regeneration Residential House

Steph Lee, the architect of the displayed design Regeneration by Steph Lee says, This space is to create a living space accommodating both openness and enclosure, where transparency and privacy coexist, and by introducing a base tone of whiteness, <Cropped>

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Residential House by Lo Chung Yang

Lo Chung Yang Portrays The Gorgeous Order Residential House

Lo Chung Yang, the maker of the awarded design Lo Chung Yang's Gorgeous Order Residential House illustrates, From the building to interior design and even to the grand garden landscape planning in the outdoor, all were accomplished perfectly in <Cropped>

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Office by Aedas

Aedas Presents The National Trade Center Office

Aedas, the creative mind behind the award winning project Office by Aedas says, National Trade Center is a 165m tall office building prime located in Taichung city-Taiwan, within the emerging CBD. The iconic building replicates the unique silhouette <Cropped>

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Residential House:the Longhouse by Aamer Architects

Aamer Architects Discloses The The Longhouse Residential House

Aamer Architects, the author of the highlighted design Aamer Architects's The Longhouse Residential House demonstrates, Bold in form and fluid in function, the house is conceived from merging the tropical language with contemporary lines and str <Cropped>

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Sunshine White Cube by Sea Studio

Sea Studio Presents The Sunshine White Cube Gallery

SEA Studio, the thinktank behind the displayed work Sunshine White Cube by SEA Studio points out, Sunshine White Cube (SWC) holds exhibition of modern art on a seasonal basis. The main function of this rental gallery is to exhibit artistic works made <Cropped>

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Lenovo (beijing) Ltd.'s Ideacentre Y900 Gaming Pc

Lenovo (beijing) Ltd. Shares The Ideacentre Y900 Gaming Pc

Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., the maker of the highlighted project Gaming PC by Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. demonstrates, The Lenovo ideacentre Y900 gaming PC was designed and built for hardcore game players, and has been created as an uncompromising, high-perfor <Cropped>

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Beyond – Glasses For The Blind by Igendesign Studio

Igendesign Studio Demonstrates The Beyond – Glasses For The Blind Glasses

IgenDesign Studio, the architect of the awarded project IgenDesign Studio's Beyond – Glasses for the Blind glasses spells out, Social integration of the blind is not just about building accessible infrastructures but being emotionally inclusiv <Cropped>

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Sbid Interior Design Student Competition: Get Me 2 The Top 2019

Sbid’s Get Me 2 The Top Student Competition Was Developed to Find Talented First-and Second-year Design Students, Offering The Opportunity to Win 3-month Internships At Leading London-based Design Studios

Sbid’s get me 2 the top student competition was developed to find talented first- and second-year design students, offering the opportunity to win 3-month internships at leading london-based design studios..

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Nine Origin 2730 Limited Edition by Jens William Sørensen

Jens William Sørensen Shares The Nine Origin 2730 Limited Edition Eyewear

Jens William Sørensen, the thinktank behind the displayed design Nine Origin 2730 Limited Edition - Eyewear by Jens William Sørensen explicates, Nine origin 2730 is our tribute to the way hand made designer eyewear should always be made. No shortcu <Cropped>

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Art Chair by Chen Ting-Hsiang

Chen Ting-Hsiang Spotlights The Symphony Number 7 Art Chair

Chen Ting-Hsiang, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Art Chair by Chen Ting-Hsiang demonstrates, Designers can always concretize the objects and present their works with observations on the world. Symphony Number 7 is based on the inspiratio <Cropped>

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